October 27, 2017

Happiness Guaranteed With Joyclean


How often in life is happiness guaranteed? Practically never, right? At Joyclean, however, we believe in making your house and your mood sparkle. That's why our professional cleaners go above and beyond to leave your home looking its best, so you can step inside after a long day and feel relaxed and at-ease. Even if you've never used professional cleaning services before or are feeling a little uncertain about the idea of spending your hard-earned money on something you usually do yourself, we invite you to try our services just one time. We're sure that after just one experience of coming home to a squeaky-clean floor, sweet-smelling sheets, and a sparkly kitchen will have you sold! Plus, we're one of very few cleaning companies to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We want you to be happy with our service. We work really hard to make sure that you are happy. And if by some chance you aren't 100% absolutely totally happy?  We will make things right -- or you won't pay a cent.

We invite you to enjoy one of life's rare happiness guarantees. Come, experience the joy of a squeaky-clean floor, sweet-smelling sheets, a sparkly kitchen, and a home all ready to welcome your guests -- guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

One of the most common reasons people are hesitant to schedule professional house cleaning services is that they're not sure it will be worth the cost. After all, why pay a professional to do something that you typically handle on your own? Your happiness is why! If you're like the average American, you spend hours each week tidying up your home. This includes not only washing dishes, doing laundry, and mopping floors, but vacuuming, dusting, and every little task in between. That time spent cleaning eats away at the time you have to spend on other things, such as focusing on your work, caring for your family, spending time with loved ones, or simply enjoying some fun hobbies. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you're truly able to "re-claim" that time to yourself.

As a result, many people find that they experience less stress in their lives and are overall more happy. This could be your experience, if only you took the chance on professional cleaning services.

Of course, you don't want to trust just anybody to get your home squeaky clean. You want to be assured that the professionals coming into your home are experienced, committed, and trustworthy. This is precisely why we take the time to carefully background screen all of our cleaning employees before we even consider them as a candidate for setting foot inside your home. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. This is something that many cleaning companies simply do not offer. 

Another excellent feature of Joyclean is that we're also able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you're not happy with your cleaning service, we'll make it right or you won't pay a single cent! This is how confident we are in our cleaning professionals' services, and it's how serious we are about making sure all of our customers are thrilled with our services. This is exactly why we don't require you to pay for your services up-front like many other cleaning companies will; we believe that you shouldn't have to pay for your services until you're completely satisfied. For this reason, when you book your cleaning appointment using our convenient smartphone application, you'll have the option to render your payment at the time of your appointment scheduling or after the cleaning has been completed.

Unfortunately, there aren't many happiness guarantees in life—but we believe hiring a house cleaning service should be an exception. If you've been putting off hiring a cleaning company because you're not sure you'd be happy with it or if it would be worth your money, there has never been a better time to dive right in! You literally have nothing to lose with Joyclean's 100% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, believe you have quite a bit to gain: free time, happiness, sanity, and all the other benefits that come along with having a squeaky clean home. And that is something you simply cannot put a price tag on.

More Reasons to Book Your Cleaning With Joyclean

In addition to our commitment to your satisfaction, there are so many other reasons to trust Joyclean with your house cleaning services. 

Convenient Scheduling

Unlike other companies, who only offer their cleaning services throughout the week, Joyclean is available seven days a week. If you work a less conventional schedule or if you simply want to have your house cleaning done on a Saturday or Sunday, we can make it happen. And scheduling your appointment is as easy as 1-2-3 when you use our free smartphone app, which is available on both Android and Apple devices. Simply select your service along with your date/time slot, and you're good to go! No need to go through the hassle of calling during business hours or waiting to hear back from us as to whether or not your appointment slot is available.

Transparent Pricing

We understand that many people are hesitant to schedule professional cleaning services because they're not sure they can afford it. That's why we offer competitive, transparent pricing for all of our package options. When you explore our package options on the free app, you'll see the exact price of each choice listed out clearly next to it. This way, you know exactly what you're paying for, the services you'll receive, and the amount of time a professional cleaner will spend in your home. We believe that you should never have to pay for more services than you need or feel like you're being nickeled and dimed, so we've made everything as transparent as possible.

Committed Professionals

When was the last time you were truly excited about cleaning your home? If you're like most people, the answer is probably "never." However, our house cleaning professionals truly enjoy what they do, which means they're able to deliver outstanding service with every single cleaning. You can rest assured that all of our cleaners have been fully screened and vetted, and we maintain extremely high standards for all of our employees. The person who comes in to clean your house will be committed to earning your satisfaction and repeat business, and this will be reflected in the quality work they do.

Flexible Package Options

Finally, unlike other companies that will require you to book "all-or-nothing" packages, we're happy to provide a huge range of cleaning package options to suit your needs and budget. For example, if you just need a quick, one-hour cleaning without all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered. On the other hand, if you have a special event coming up and you need your house cleaned top-to-bottom, we have a package for that as well. We even have cleaning packages for rental homes, Airbnbs, and other special circumstances, so be sure to browse through our selection of cleaning options to find the one that's right for you. We have found that being able to offer a wide range of cleaning packages means that we're able to give our customers the best value for their money and prevent them from spending more than they have to on the services they need.

And of course, we let you choose how often you want to have your cleaning services done. We don't require a weekly or monthly commitment, so you can schedule your services as often or as seldom as you'd like. This is just another way we set ourselves apart from the competition.

So, what's keeping you from giving professional cleaning services a try in your home? You have so much happiness and other benefits to gain by saving yourself from the hassle of regular house cleaning. Take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee today by scheduling your first cleaning appointment with Joyclean. We truly look forward to showing you what life without menial household tasks can be like. Download our free app on Android or Apple today to get started in setting up your account, selecting your ideal cleaning service, and scheduling your appointment!

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