Our Story


With our busy lives, who has
the time, or desire to clean

We love to have people over. What we don't love is the mess they leave behind. Since many of us live with roommates (spouses and partners count!), that mess can build up with breathtaking speed. With our busy lives, who has the time or desire to clean?

We witnessed the rise of the sharing economy, and we love the convenience of services on demand. We saw an unmet need and created a business that brings the sharing economy to the realm of cleaning. This is an idea whose time has come, and we are thrilled to bring it to launch.

Our Values

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We Prioritize Customer Experience

Making our customer experience better is our top priority. Our business model revolves around making our app a joy to use.

We Never Stop Learning

We are engaged in an experiment, and every day brings something new to delight our customers even more.

We Always Simplify

We commit to make our app so convenient, reliable, and outrageously simple to use.

We Make a Real Impact

Our joy comes from helping our customers to earn trust. We are committed to making a real impact on their lives.

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